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Car Mat Set

Heavy Duty - 4pk

Car Mat Set Heavy Duty - 4pk
If you care about the cleanliness of your vehicle, then it’s time to invest into a set of these essential car mats.
No need to cry over spilt milk. Instead of desperately sponging the floor and leaving a soggy patch in your car, you can get rid of spills and odours instantly by removing the mats; allowing you to wash and dry them with ease.
Did an inconsiderate passenger jump in with their muddy boots? Say goodbye to the vacuum – simply remove the dirty mat in question, take Taylor’s advice and shake it off, sha-sha-shake it off. Problem solved!
With a 4 piece set of these bad boys, we’ve got you (and the floor of your car) covered!
  • Heavy duty
  • Easy maintenance
  • Rubberised, non-slip construction
  • Protects your vehicle’s interior from dirt and debris
  • Set of 4: 2 x front, 2 x rear seats
Dimensions (cm):
Front Seat: 76 x 49
Rear Seat: 49 x 49
Please Note:
  • Limit 4 per order
  • Product Code: AA0EHN700
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