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Expandable Hose

with Nozzle Spray 75ft

Expandable Hose with Nozzle Spray 75ft
Rolling up the hose can be a real chore and most of the time it's a bulky mess. Forget about tangling, twisting and kinking hoses; watering the flowers or washing the car has just become easier!
With this unique design, this is easy to use and store: just hook it up to a standard spigot, turn the water on and the hose will expand in length and when there’s no flow it’ll contract right back so you can store it using a minimum of space!
If you are always wrestling the hose to water plants, just turn on the water and watch this mini hose grow like magic!
  • Make watering the garden a breeze
  • Get chores done without untangling a long hose or hunting for kinks
  • Expands and contracts quickly
  • Save precious storage space in your jam-packed garage or shed
  • Very strong and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Material: Latex tube + polyester fabric + ABS plastic connector
  • Spray ways: Shower, flat, jet, centre, cone, full, mist
  • Length: 8.24~22.5 m
  • Package Dimensions (L x W x H): 19.5 x 12 x 32 cm
  • Gross weight: 1.06 kg
Package Contents:
  • 1 x Expandable Hoses
  • 1 x Sprayer
  • 1 x Connector
Please Note:
  • Limit two per order
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