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Greezone Polytunnel

Greenhouse Greezone Polytunnel
Wary of the additives and chemicals in your store bought fruit and veggie, burrowing their way into your belly? Then growing your own food with a Greezone Greenhouse is the only remedy!
Save money on your grocery bill, or simply take up greenhouse gardening as a meditative exercise. This high-quality greenhouse is portable and easy to use, perfect for all your gardening needs.
Featuring a strong and durable cover, it captures heat and helps to reduce exposure to direct rain and sunlight. It ensures your veggie patch gets the best care. And the tube-framework structure is so easy to assemble that even a beginner gardener will find it a breeze!
So become one with the soil, with some 1-day spoils!
  • Extend your growing season with this backyard wonder
  • Heavy-duty Reinforced 140gsm PE/Mesh outer canopy
  • Front roll-up door
  • Massive 3x3x2m Size
  • 6 Ventilation windows – let your plants breath
  • Stronger 25mm Galvanised Steel tube frame
  • Enjoy the taste and satisfaction of home grown fruit and veggie
  • Material: PP + PE 140GSM
  • Product Dimension (LxWxH): 300x200x200cm
  • Frame: steel tube, galvanised for surface 25mmDia / thickness 0.60 mm
  • Cover: Green PE mesh cloth 140g
  • 6 windows, 1 door

Note: For longer life of product, greenhouse should be erected in a sheltered area
Please Note:
  • Limit 4 per order
  • Product Code: AAZFAN711