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James & Joseph

500TC Sheet Set Queen Charcoal

James & Joseph 500TC Sheet Set Queen Charcoal
Give your bed the proverbial kiss of life with these brilliant 100% cotton sateen sheet sets. (Sateen is  where weave imparts a particularly glossy surface, allowing an otherwise dull fabric the opportunity to shine). 
The sheets have a 500 thread count per 10cm² and can be warm machine washed and warm ironed if necessary. They’ve got an awesome 100% cotton sateen construction meaning you get all the breathability and comfort needed to catch some seriously sweet Zzzzzzs. So forget the spare bed, put these on your own, to enjoy a wonderful, super-comfortable sleep!
With each set you’ll get 2 pillow cases, a flat sheet and a fitted sheet. The fitted sheets have an all-round elastic edge to hold it firmly on your bed, great for those who are rough sleepers.
  • 100% cotton sateen construction – comfortable and breathable
  • 500 thread count per 10cm²
  • Warm wash
  • Warm iron on reverse if desired
  • Colour: Charcoal
  • Size:Queen
  • Queen Fitted: 1520mmx 2030x 400         
  • Queen Flat: 2400mm x2740mm  
  • 2 Pillowcases: 480mmx730
Each set includes:
  • 1 x flat sheet
  • 1 x fitted sheet
  • 2 x pillow cases
Please Note:
  • Limit 4 per order
  • Product Code: AAXDCN395
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