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Joop Mens

Homme Sport 125ml

With a cool cascade of freshness, JOOP! Homme Sport infuses your body with a unique charm designed to enhance your sensuality.
JOOP! Homme Sport is a fragrance designed to worship the body. You are wearing the fragrance of men who play to win. Real men score with JOOP! Homme Sport.

Fragrance Notes: Dynamic and irresistible, the scent's head is a bursting refreshment of revitalizing mint, all topped off with the sweet scents of bergamot and ginger. The heart of the fragrance is the elemental splash of the salty skin accord, complemented with a zesty edge of orange blossom. The base notes come from the Tonka bean, giving it an enriched, woody undertone.

  • Joop Homme Sport EDT 125ml (Mens)

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