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Revitalift Eye Cream

L'Oreal Revitalift Eye Cream
As skin ages the delicate skin tissue around the eye weakens and skin loses its firmness. L'Oreal Revitalift Anti-wrinkle and Firming Eye Cream contains pro-retinol and fibre-elastyl to plump and nourish skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
As a result of this advanced L’Oreal research the skin and contours around the eyes becomes more defined and feels firmer.
The luxuriously light texture is quickly absorbed without leaving any sticky residue, and is ideal as a base under make up.
Use every morning for radiant eyes.
  • Contains pro-retinol and fibre-elastyl to nourish skin
  • Anti-ageing eye cream
  • Luxurious light texture, easily absorbed without any sticky residue
2 x L'Oreal Revitalift Eye Cream 15ml

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