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Mini Bicycle

Tools & Repair Kit

Mini Bicycle Tools & Repair Kit
Bike broke? Flat tyre? Need fixin’? Need a hand? This wonderful repair kit is just the solution for any niggly problem that may arise whilst out on an adventure, commuting or just biking down the road to the local shops.

This kit includes a 10-hole wrench, 3 plastic tyre levers, rubber for tube, repair patches, 15-1 multi tools just to name a few. So, no worries, just ride on!
  • Never be caught out while training or community
  • Sturdy nylon saddlebag firs under your saddle
  • Ideal partner on the road
  • Includes a reflective strip for safe night riding, convenient to carry
  •  Suitable to put your personal belongings in: such as cellphone’s, money, keys, ID/bank cards
  • Practical open and close zipper design for easy usage that also prevents items falling out
Package Includes:
  • 10-hole wrench (6-15mm): 55g
  • Plastic Tyre levers (3pcs)
  • 15 in 1 multi tools: slotted screwdriver/cross-head screwdriver/extension bar: 8mm/ hex keys: 2mm, 3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm/ wrenches 9mm,10mm,12mm,13mm,15mm/ spoke wrench
  • Bulb: 6V, 2.4W 6V, 0.4w
  • Non-toxic glue (6g): 1pc
  • Rubber for tube – 050 – 30mm: 3pcs, 030mm: 3pcs, 025mm: 5pcs
  • Repair patch: 7x5cm
  • Clean cloth: 30cm x 30cm
  • Polyester bag: 1pc
Please Note:
  • Limit 4 per order
  • Product Code: AA2CBN30Q
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