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Rexona 12pk

Womens Stress Control

Rexona 12pk Womens Stress Control
IMPORTANT ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS - Sorry, but there are no rural deliveries, PO Box deliveries, weekend deliveries or deliveries to the Chatham Islands for this product. Due to the nature of this product there is an additional processing delay of 3-5 business days.

Keep unpleasant smells and bodily odours at bay with this epic deal from 1-day!

This long lasting, anti-perspirant deodorant features long-lasting dryness protection from odour and sweat even under the most extreme stress, so you know you’ll be covered!
  • Stress Control Edition
  • Provides all-day long-lasting protection
  • Odour & sweat protection
  • Protection even under the most extreme stress
Pack Includes:
12 x Rexona Women Stress Control 150ml Aerosol
Expiry: 07/17
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Please Note:
  • Limit two per order
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